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By developing biosensors that can prevent and
manage disease early and conveniently,
we will devote ourselves to being a healthy company that improves human health

We pursue sustainable management through balanced development among local communities, employees, and companies.

Our Vision

  • 기술


    We are a company dedicated
    to contribute to the health of
    human race with innovative
  • 기계


    We are a global leading
    company of In-Vitro diagnostics
    that provides fast and accurate
    diagnostic reagents.
  • 그래프


    SDB 3 Core values :
    Challenge, Efficiency, Relations

Core values

  • 친절 Kindness

    비행기를 든 소년과 목마를 태운 아버지

    We develop innovative products through constant challenges
    We are a company that pursues innovation through unremitting efforts, without giving into complacency We create perfect, market-leading products based on advanced technical skills
  • 소통 Communication

    화학물이 담긴 비커

    We make decisions efficiently through the choice and focus
    Our organization operation that propels and responds promptly allows us to make optimal decisions Therefore, we raise our corporate values through maximized management performance
  • 창의 Originality

    여러 사람들이 손을 모음

    We pursue harmonious growth through balanced relationship
    We make the trust of customers, executives & employees, and shareholders our priority and promote growing together Furthermore, we want to contribute to the world by recognizing the responsibility of human health as the core of our management